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My story by Terrance Thomas – Owner and Founder of City Wide Mechanical

I have always been into the customer service field and always wanted to treat customers fair and with respect as a Conyers heating and air contractor.

Coming out of High School, I could not figure out what kind of career trade I wanted to get into. I was working long hours at a local tire shop when a customer came in requesting my services due to how well I serviced his car. He had a nice flashy car and I asked him what type of work he does. He replied with Conyers Heating and Air and recommended I should go to the same local trade school he attended. I thought about this and took his advice. A month after classes begin, he came back to the local tire shop to get his car serviced and I gave him the great news that I took his advice and I am attending the same school he recommended. He said that was great and I will love the trade.

The next day in class, the owner of the company he worked with called up to the school looking for me. The instructor handed me the phone where the owner of the company asked, “Are you ready to get in the field?” I replied with a confident, “Yes sir!” and I started with that Conyers heating and air company, and remained there for years. After working with a few more companies and noticing the lack of customer service and fairness, I knew I had to offer my community a better way. I started Citywide in 2004 and we have been honoring our core values since then.


My passion:

When it comes to Conyers heating and air, I am most passionate about three things: customer service, providing great work, honest diagnosis, and fair pricing. I’ve noticed that adding these passions to the Heating and Air-Conditioning industry was necessary to build a great company, because so many companies seemed to be lacking in those areas. I was starting to see other companies use the phrase “get a body in the house” meaning that all they needed to do was to put a “technician” in your house who may or may not be qualified for the job. The phrase became more popular, and I began to grow more concerned. They did not care what kind of training the technician had; they just needed “a body” in the house to tell the customer anything. I started to see customers that look like me get really frustrated and tired of being taking advantage of by these contractors. I knew something had to happen about the growing problem this industry was having. I started asking questions about what it would take to own my business. I then found out I needed a state license with at least 5 years of experience before they would let me take the licensing exam. This was perfect for me, because I had the experience and the drive to apply for this exam. I took the exam and passed top of the class. Now was the time to make an impact on the industry!

This then started the next chapter called Citywide Air Conditioning and Heating. After traveling all over the southeast region to repair Conyers heating and Air Conditioning units, I knew traveling over Georgia for Citywide would give me the opportunity to enhance the State, as this was my focus.

Mission Statement for the Company:

Our Mission is to provide residential and commercial customers with the highest level of service, design, and installation at a reasonable price.


Vision Statement

To be the industry leader in HVAC solutions

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